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The Human Factor Matters - Why?

How to work safely is something that most companies drive home to their employees and rightly so. Yet there are still safety incidents that require investigation and often the findings point to human factors as the primary cause. It could be lack of competence, general complacency, not following the procedures, a lack of confidence, or even something more complex such as physical or mental health. Because we keep a tight grip on safety in companies, issues are picked up fairly quickly and dealt with by implementing the necessary mitigations to ensure it doesn't happen again. But How does that help identify the issues before they happen?

And what about everything else in your business that involves people maintaining good relationships, drafting and winning contracts, presenting your product to potential clients, managing projects, managing staff, dealing with conflict, etc. When something goes wrong i.e. you didn't get that contract you felt was in the bag, a client meeting becomes very heated, you receive bad results on your most important external audit of the year. These are just a few examples of what goes on in every business. But do you look at why these things happen? Do you determine the causes or just say we need to do better next time?

It doesn't have to be that way!

Most human factors that present as negative could be down to: * Challenges in dealing with conflict * Communication styles that don't align with others in the team * They don't know how to say no * Lacking confidence in high pressure situations * Understanding their own emotional intelligence and the emotional needs of others * Little understanding of the written and verbal tools and techniques that can elevate their communication barriers

My background in psychology and my experience as an SME for Competence in many industries including a long time in the international energy sector primes me with the knowledge and ability to design and deliver bespoke solutions that can help equip employees with the tools they need to do their job. I work with business leaders to design support that includes a wide range of delivery mechanisms, from informal mentoring scopes to full competence and auditable training systems. I offer a free 15 min virtual chat at a time that suits you and would be delighted to meet to discuss your business improvement needs.

Please contact me if you would like further information:

"Janice is a fantastic trainer, confidant and support. She's worked with our company for a number of years and helped us out of some very tricky situations involving HSE compliance amongst other sensitive issues; saving us not only our face in potentially embarrassing situations, but also money and time. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make practical and measurable improvements to their safety and operational performance."

QHSE Director, Aberdeen Service Company

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